About us

We wanted to create a site which focuses on each one of our areas of interests. When we gathered to go over our interests we were shocked to see many interests come up. That’s when we realised that we are humans and our interests keep changing forever.

We are like every other human with a need for products to live a better life. We are also a bunch of friends working together.

For example let’s look at why people buy smartphones. There are the first timers going for a cheap smartphone, there are second time buyers going for a low to a mid Range phone, then there are people who are geeks who buy a new phone every year or every few months. There are more types of people too but hope you get the point.

These people who buy smartphones are not people who wouldn’t buy anything after that. They might want to buy a tv, or a Bluetooth headset, or a Bluetooth speaker and this list keeps going on.

So our goal is to help you find the right product for you. Not all products are bad nor all products suitable for everyone. There is a product for each individuals style and requirement.

We are here to help you find out the perfect product for you. We are reviewing many products from different categories. If you have certain type of products you are looking for but don’t see any useful reviews about them then let us know. We will review such products for you to help you find the right one.