Smartphones With 6000mAh Battery

One of the most feature where the customers seek for is the battery life. It helps you throughout the day and allows the users to have a great experience while browsing, gaming, etc. Here we have the list of smartphones that has a power-packed battery with 6000 mAh capacity which lasts longer and affordable too.

SmartphonesBattery CapacityRelease DatePrice
Samsung Galaxy M31s6000 mAhJuly 30, 2020Rs. 19,499
Samsung Galaxy M316000 mAhMarch 4, 2020Rs. 17,499
Samsung Galaxy M216000 mAhMarch 18, 2020Rs. 14,499
Infinix Smart 4 Plus6000 mAhJuly 21, 2020Rs. 7,999
Techno Spark Power 26000 mAhJune 17, 2020Rs. 9,999
Samsung Galaxy M30s6000 mAhSeptember 18, 2019Rs. 15,803
Techno Spark Power6000 mAhNovember 26, 2019Rs. 10,000
Techno Spark 6 Air6000 mAhJuly 30, 2020Rs. 7,999
Asus ROG Phone 36000 mAhJuly 22, 2020Rs. 49,999
Asus ROG Phone 26000 mAhOctober 8, 2019Rs. 39,999